"If you wish to deepen your awareness of how NVC works in a therapeutic setting, and want exploration, curiousity, and more complex insights, have Roxy facilitate a session. The richness of her coaching far surpasses any expectations one might have."

- M.A., Sunnyvale, CA

Individual Coaching

clarity | self-acceptance | understanding | movement | support | hope

"One fundamental belief I bring to my coaching practice is that we each have the capacity for lives filled with meaning, hope, joy, connection and purpose."

Individual coaching with Roxy Manning is an opportunity for you to get support to live the quality of life for which you yearn. Roxy's empathic, accepting style, combined with incisive yet gentle questioning, creates opportunities for exploration and growth. Using Nonviolent Communication and other coaching modalities, Roxy will help you address various life challenges:

  • Would you like help identifying the factors you wish to consider in evaluating an important life decision?
  • Do you want help integrating NVC consciousness in your personal relationships?
  • Are you eager to implement a new way of living, and want support shifting core beliefs that impede your movement?
  • Do you want to role-play or rehearse an upcoming conversation you expect will be challenging?
  • Are you a therapist or life coach who wants to work on integrating an NVC approach into your practice?

These are some of the many ways that people have used individual coaching sessions with Roxy. Contact Roxy today to explore how she can help you live a more connected, purpose-filled life.