"When Roxy is leading, I relax completely and enjoy myself. I have complete confidence and trust in her understanding of NVC and the clarity with which she shares that understanding. I experience great pleasure at her particular way of weaving ideas. And I cherish especially her courageous commitment to honesty and growth." - Inbal Kashtan, CNVC certified trainer "

- Inbal Kashtan,
CNVC Certified Trainer

Organizational Consulting

Roxy Manning offers several kinds of services to organizations.

Organizational Workshops: These events are tailored to address the specific issues facing your organization. Roxy will consult with stakeholders in your group to determine what topics and approaches would be of interest then design a program to address the desired outcomes. Examples of workshops that Roxy have led include facilitating decision making; cultural competency for college faculty; strategies to meet the needs of multicultural clients in a mental health clinic; stress reduction techniques for students at a law school preparing for the bar exam; team building following organizational restructuring in an social service agency.

Coaching for Individual Staff/Group Members: Companies find it very helpful to retain Roxy for ongoing coaching support for teams and individual staff members. This coaching takes many forms. Roxy has helped staff in troubleshooting inter-agency meetings; preparing for previously contentious interoffice meetings by supporting connection to the goals and principles each side wants to address; mediating between staff members with an ongoing conflict to prevent litigation and facilitating team-building activities.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshops: Your organization can host a private event of any length (several hours to a few days) to introduce your staff to NVC and help them begin to apply this approach to your unique business setting. Roxy brings unusual facility in grasping the complexities of various industries, and applying NVC principles to the specific issues faced by each industry. Examples and practice opportunities are drawn from your organization's daily functioning and support your staff in embracing the relevance of nonviolent communication to their workplace success.

Contact Roxy to explore how her experience and approach can help your organization develop the tools and relationships that support your vision.