"What I like most about Roxy is her modeling of transparent, authentic leadership. For me this has been an amazing support to feel safe to rest into being myself, and to from there explore my full potential. Her gentle, natural way of teaching profound concepts makes learning advanced NVC skills a true delight."

- A.K.,
Stuttgart, Germany

Workshops and Seminars

Roxy Manning offers workshops featuring Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for groups of any size. She has worked with parenting groups, youth, teachers, and small gatherings of families, friends and neighbors. Her lively, playful workshops are tailored to the specific interests of your group. If your group is new to NVC, a brief, two-hour workshop can provide a basic introduction to theories and intentions of the practice. If your group would like support in applying and integrating the concepts of NVC, Roxy can facilitate an ongoing, closed practice group that uses real-life examples from your members to deepen NVC consciousness. Intensive workshops from two hours to a weekend, on a single topic of your choosing are also available. Workshops and seminars Roxy has offered include:

  • Nonviolent Communication and Attachment Parenting
  • Mother's Day Workshop: A Weeked Workshop for Parents and their Adult Children
  • NVC for Child Care Providers
  • Connecting Couples - An NVC Series Group for Couples
  • NVC for Therapists - Bringing NVC Consciousness to Clinical Settings
  • Intro to NVC for Youth and Families
  • Mothers of Color practice group - Connected parenting strategies in culturally diverse communties

Contact Roxy to talk about your group's focus and design an effective, community-building presentation for your group today.